The Thorny Issue of the Next Issue
We're About to Hit a Bit of A Snag...

The problem is , information on the the Second generation of Maberleys is rare and I just dont have enough material for another issue. so the call is going out to any family member reading this ....Tell me a story! If it fits into the Maberley Family anywhere, I would love to have it appear here

Everybody's Story is important!

Now for the good News:

Gordon Maberley is working on some more material on Alex Maberley and has also made mention of some information he may be able to supply on John Edward Maberley, so I am looking forward to seeing that.

This doesn't mean the rest of you are off the hook!

You May also be noticing the page is looking slightly more polished, That will be going on constantly. Email me you comments
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Feedback is important!!

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