Right Now, there are three things that dominate this archives page
George Gillis

Still so tickled that he found the time to write our June Issue

I am looking forward in the future to hopefully hearing more from him.

More can found about him and the Maple Leaf Singers a group he and his wife Marie founded at


The Melodaires

Information on the Dance Band headed by Alex Maberley and his wife Lilian called the Melodaires is contained in the April 2003 issue, and as promised I have posted a copy of the logo in colour here


A new feature will be available, you can browse some of the old photos I have scanned into my collection. these are in their raw form for cataloguing purposes. If you browse through and find an instance where you can identify a person or scene I have not or I have incorrectly identified please let me know.

You can Email me your comments at lmaberley@eastlink.ca