A Bit About Us

I haven't talked about who I am too much up until now and I dont plan on going on and on but I thought a little introduction wouldn't hurt.

My Name is Lawrence Maberley (Alfred-Alex-Alexander Earl- Larry - Me) Pictured here Is my girlfriend Eve Noble and I. I design the website, she provides constructive criticism

Not pictured is Eric, Eve's Boy

An Introduction

The primary goal of this website is to increase the information available about the Maberley Family in Canada. The Adventures of present day Maberley's and their familys are welcome here, but I have, up until now, been trying assemble information on Alfred Maberley, his wife Martha and their ten children.

Later I intend to expand the scope of the website and provide more and more features. In the next Column is an explanation of the motivation for Designing this page.

Below are links to the issues of the newsletter we have so far

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