For One thing it is Summer

Despite all the fog around here. i have been able to run free outside a bit . Being cooped up all winter is bad for your health and makes you cranky. It is, however, productive when it comes to such indoor sports as web design.

I haven't forgotten about the webpage though!

One Fairly major experiment this Summer was my garden, It is Small , but even the smallest of gardens require a lot of work ( Way more Than I originally thought, for sure)

So, before you laugh too much, remember... Be kind . I started from scratch. (And I have NO idea what I am doing!!)

Things have progressed quite a bit since these photos were taken, I have resown my radishes, Had 2 crops of peas and am about to eat beet greens shortly

these pictures were all taken about the middle of June ..expect updated pictures just before harvest time :)

You may be noticing I ramble on about myself abit here. the quickest way to cure that is to provide new material. Email me your adventures or comments