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                                      OUR MISSION STATEMENT

                      God is on a mission and we want to be part of it!



Message from Pastor’s Desk


Time flies when one is In Mission for Others.

 My apologizes to everyone who likes to get newsletters four times a year.  In an ideal world I would like to come and have tea with everyone once a month.  Reality is different.  Know that I hold you in my thoughts and prayers across the boundaries of time and space.

This past spring I was elected as the Dean of the Atlantic Conference.  This has meant learning new things, being in mission for others in excitingly new ways.  One of my new jobs is to write a blip for the Atlantic Conference Connector; a quarterly newsletter that details events happening throughout Lutheran Churches in Atlantic Canada.  I have decided to include the latest edition of the Connector, whenever Resurrection sends out a newsletter. You may be interested in many of the events mentioned.

As I said, time flies.  In the past few months, I have begun to feel old.  I have realized that I can not possibly complete all the creative ideas that come to me. I am going to need to share them with others, and let them run with them.  It also means a letting go of the ideas, knowing that they may change, be adapted, stomped on, or grow in completely different ways than I was envisioning.  I pray that you will walk with me through this somewhat unsettling feeling.

I also ask your assistance in envisioning and acting on the call to be In Mission for Others. If you need ideas on how to do this, I am chalked full of ideas, and this newsletter shares a few. 

Also remember, and I say this as much to myself as to you, we are working in God’s time; and being in mission for others is God’s gig.  So enjoy working with the ideas and time you have been gifted with.





GOD you are on a mission and we want to be part of it.

YOU continually pour out your Holy Spirit and provide people who spread Good News.

We want to be Good News bearers.  We begin by surrendering to YOUR Spirit.

Within us provoke YOUR change – empower service.

We see that YOU are on a mission.

YOU have a purpose!

Thanks be to YOU, we are asked to be part of YOUR unifying love for all!


Evangelical Lutheran Church of The Resurrection

2096 Windsor Street, Halifax, NS   B3K 5B1 (902) 422-9224

Email: lutheranchurch@eastlink.ca

Website: http://users.eastlink.ca/~lutheranchurch/Index.html

Facebook:  Halifax Lutheran Church


Roof Project Update


As per our Congregational Meeting on July 6th, the church will be getting a new roof.  I have been in contact with McCarthy’s Roofing.  They will begin the project in September.  The exact date is not known yet.  They anticipate it taking two weeks.  During this time I will be on site daily.  Our budget is $49,933.22. 


McCarthy’s Roofing while on site will repair the Bell Tower slats.  This project was discussed and agreed to at the same Congregational Meeting.  I am pleased the congregation supported this smaller project.


Please look for more project updates in the Church hall where I had the estimates displayed.


The Parsonage roof is next summer.   We will have a fund raising campaign for this project.



Church Council Update


I begin by thanking members past and present of the council.  I have had numerous conversations with all and thank each for their guidance. 


We have a new Treasurer.  Virve Sandstrom will complete this term until Nancy MacQuade takes over in 2009.


Our council is a small group and I would like to increase the number.  Please consider sitting on council and contact me if you would like to talk about it.


Do you remember the survey I did earlier in the year?  Well the results are in and I promise you I took each one serious.  We welcome input.  I have left the envelop up on the bulletin board if you have any new items you wish to pass on.




David Winfield 

-Congregational President



                        WE ARE IN MISSION FOR OTHERS!



In order for us, as a community, to be In Mission for Others, a dedicated group of people are needed to serve on church council. 

At the present time the council is working efficiently, despite the lack of bodies.  The council has been operating with 6 members. This being said, recently two members have ended their

terms; council needs at least two people to commit for a term of service.

This is vital to our life as a community!



A program begun at the church last year, was the collection of refundable bottles and tabs.  This was undertaken by a member who continues to be In Mission for Others and the environment by organizing and taking the bottles brought by congregation members to the recycling depot.  The money collected is used to offset our fuel bills.

During the year, the building is a great asset.  We provide space for the ministry of groups like: Alcoholics’ Anonymous, Gambler’s Anonymous, Narcotics’ Anonymous, a Housing Co-op, Chebucto Links Seniors’ programs, Correctional Service of Canada Chaplaincy.



On Windsor St., the front yard of the church, a very exciting project is underway.  A prayer garden has been created.  The intent is to create a space where people in the neighbourhood can find a place to pray, reflect, or rest for a few moments.

This summer, a bench, butterfly house, and plants have been added to the prayer path put in last summer.

In the fall, stones collected over the summer by congregation members will be added.  A sign will be added inviting people in the community to add rocks, laying down their burdens.  Also many people no longer have the money to purchase tombstones or memorial markers; in many traditions, smaller rocks are laid in memory of departed loved ones.  The community will be invited to participate in the rock garden.

Another addition to the garden this fall, will be tiles painted by


congregation members and folk in the neighbourhood.  They will add colour and a sense of ownership to the sacred space being created.  The tiles are going on the foundation wall.

Green spaces are also a way of us being good stewards of what God has given us.  By encouraging wildlife like bees, birds, and butterflies, we are healing the city-scape around us.  By changing grass over to garden we will be consuming less oil and producing less pollution.


If you would like to participate in this ministry consider the following:

Come and pray.

Sit on the bench and engage passersby in conversation.

Come and play in the dirt.


A Wish List:

A planter box, made out of left-over wood from past church projects.

A mid-size Japanese maple.

Three large boulders.

Hearty perennial plants.

A trellis arch.

A heavy bird bath.


This group began with a woman asking Pr.Kimber, “Can we start a prayer shawl group?”  All it took was picking a day, and putting the invitation in the bulletin.

Two hundred shawls later and still knitting, this ministry has reached people who are sick, dying living in the USA, England, Faro Islands, Namibia.  The shawls go to the dialysis unit, Chemo clinic, recovery groups, hospitals, as gifts of encouragement to people who go out of their way to serve others.


If you would like to participate in this ministry consider the following:

Take up knitting and knit a shawl.

Donate yarn.

Pick a shawl from the stores at the church, and deliver it to someone who could use one.



Every month a focus is given to a ministry of the greater church or community.


If you would like to participate in these ministries, consider donating to the following causes throughout the year:

January     Synod Benevolence

February…Global Hunger and Development

                  Seminary Auxillary

March…   Easter

                 Items for Women’s prison ministry

April             Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

                    Items for Metro Turning Point

May             Hospital Chaplaincy

                    Food for Phoenix House

June……  Camp Mush-a-mush

                 Cookies and juice for Camp Mush

                 Items for layettes

September.. Campus Ministry

October       Thanksgiving

November….Missionary, Brian Rude

                     ELW congregational care





Lunch bunch is a program run by Chebucto Links.  The program is designed to get seniors out of their homes and active in the community.  A meal is provided each week by St.Vincent’s Nursing Home, followed by fellowship and games.


If you would like to participate in this ministry consider the following:


Become a volunteer.

Volunteers set up, serve, and wash the dishes.  Not only do you get fed, when you are done the dishes you are welcome to stay for games.  It requires being available on a Tues. 11am-2pm.  There is a schedule and you can offer to volunteer once a year to as many Tues. as you like.


Co-ordinate the volunteer list.

This person makes sure that a volunteer list is made every fall, and that volunteers are given the schedule.



Justice and Action Students, Sarah and Jocelyn, will be presenting information about social justice issues throughout the year.  They will invite you to join them in action.






Beginning Sept. 08, the congregation is entering into the exciting world of Setting 8 for worship liturgy.  This setting is a pop-contemporary liturgy.  The words are the same, the tunes catchy.  A pianist will be playing the liturgy. Hymns will be played on the organ. 

This liturgy is such that a vast array of instruments can play along, in fact they enhance the liturgy.  Plans are in the works to introduce a jembai, African drum to our worship experience.  There is a possibility of holding a workshop to teach congregation members how to play the instrument.

On occasion guitars may also be added.




Across our Synod there are many churches who do not have pastors.  Across our Synod there are communities of people who gather together to study scripture. Across our Synod there are people reading and discussing books.  All without a pastor planning these activities.


Pr.Kimber often gets asked, how can we participate? Can we do anything to help you?  YES!

Have you read a book that has interested you?  Consider inviting others to join you in a book club.  It is as easy as naming a book, setting a date and time to gather, and saying how many chapters will be discussed. All this info. goes into the bulletin and a book club is created.


Interested in Bible Study.  Find a study book with all the questions already to ask, you can find them at Christian Book stores.  The study is self-explanatory! Put up a sign up sheet to see how many would be interested.  Get the books.  Put all this info. in the bulletin and a Bible Study group is created.


Like to philosophize.  Pose a question.  Set a time to meet to discuss the question posed (maybe even in the sanctuary after worship, while drinking coffee/tea).  Put all this info. in the bulletin and an engaged group is created.


Now this is not just for people who are here on Sunday mornings.  If your interest has been peaked and you would love to do any of the above mentioned ideas, just pass the info. on to the church office.  This invitation is for anyone, particularly if you have not been in the building in the past decade.

As a community we are interested in seeking in different ways, pondering the same questions you are pondering, opening ourselves to be in mission for others.

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