Last year I did not get around to making my grandmother’s Christmas cookies: date balls, almond short bread, oatmeal with date filling, and the best gingerbread people ever.  I took time to buy all the ingredients but the mixing, baking, and enjoying never happened.

This year I decided to take a different approach.  The first week of Nov., I took time on my day off to make date balls.  Two weeks later we finished eating them.  Then I made almond shortbread; next oatmeal; hopefully the gingerbread too. 

The idea behind this is a little repose during a season that often has people, including myself, running haggard.  I have found making the cookies bit by bit, with no deadlines, to be a prayerful exercise.  Knowing they will be eaten right away has taken away the stress of trying to hide them from the family, and gorging on too much variety later on.

Baking cookies this way is really what Advent and life are about; not saving all the good stuff for later.  Continually I talk with people who have saved items, stuff, money, gifts, ideas, good intentions for a time when they may need them, or for later when they will have time to enjoy them. Unfortunately many people never get the chance to enjoy and pass on the goodness they have received.

 God’s kingdom is about taking risks...sharing the kingdom the darkness, fostering joy all year, eating grandma’s cookies in the present.

As I embark on my continued baking experience, I realize that I am reminded more often of my grandmother.  Since I am not in a rush to get the job done, I can take time to ponder the care grandma took in baking, loving, and sharing.  I am reminded of her encouraging sayings; her faithful living; her role-modeling.  As I bake, I am being shaped and called to risk bringing God’s kingdom and joy to the people around me now.  In my home this season, love and story- telling starts with the sharing of cookies; good gifts that bring great joy.

I pray that your home is filled with smells of hope, sharing, and love.

Blessings and Son-shine!


Roof Project Update


The roofing project completed on time and within budget.   It’s cost was $39,030.20.
The bell tower project has completed with a cost of $2,072.88.  This expense represents making the bell tower safe.  We closed in the tower.  We will need to discuss how to proceed in the future.  The good news is that we could work on it from the inside now.


The Parsonage roof is next summer.  I have put up the fund raising thermometer and we are on our way.


Church Council Update


Our council is a small group and I would like to increase the number.  As the AGM approaches I ask you to consider becoming involved.  We meet once a month.


We welcome you input.  I have left envelops up on the bulletin board if you have any new items you wish to pass on.


David Winfield 
Congregational President




























Sun. Dec. 21    Sunday School Presentation as part of

                                              10am worship service

                           Congregational Potluck following worship















Christmas Eve Services  (Dec.24)                                                                                                       

6pm    Live Nativity Scene and Holy Communion                                                     

8pm    Carols, Holy Communion, and Candle Light



Sat. Dec. 27

7pm   Games night, bedtime story, and sleep over under the Christmas Tree.


Sun. Dec.28

Casual Dress Sunday

*You are welcome to wear jeans. Or feel free to keep your pyjamas on, especially if you have slept over.


CHOIR- Through the month of Dec. the choir is practicing for Christmas Eve.  If you would like to participate for this season you are welcome to join the group of happy singers: 11:30am Sunday mornings.


ALTAR CARE – There is a need for new individuals or families to sign up to prepare the altar for Sunday mornings.  To offer your gifts in this way contact the church office. 







Stewardship packages are available at the church for pick up.  These packages include a reflection on stewardship, a letter, information on the budget for next year, Pre-Authorized giving, and envelopes.  If you do not receive envelopes and are interested, in envelopes or the information that is included, please contact the church office., or 902-422-9224.

The package focuses on financial stewardship.  There are many other forms of stewardship - time, talent, and treasures - as one of the Holy Communion prayers reads.  The emphasis in the reflection for the year, is that stewardship has us thinking about how much we choose to give from what we own. Is it not more correct to think in terms of TRUSTEESHIP; out of what is available and given as gift to the world, how much do we keep for ourselves?  Take time to reflect that you own nothing.  How much do you really need to live on?  Everything else is a gift to be passed on.





Thank-you for your generous support over the years.  Please note that the following items are no longer needed by mission organizations:

·         Soap ends...CLWR has restocked their stores

·         Sobey’s longer accepted by Sobey’s

·         Eye glasses...the organization we sent them to, no longer accepts glasses as the missions they set                                              up now make their own glasses; glasses can be recycled through eye glass retailers.



·         Yarn for knitting prayer shawls

·         Cotton fabric for making quilts

·         Old sheets, blankets, throws to use as filler in quilts made for the local Half-way House

·         Stamps

·         Campbell soup labels



Please take time to read the small newspaper put out by HRM about garbage removal, recycling, and the waste treatment facility.  On the back page of this publication, you will find a list of charities and items they are looking for from people like you.

·         Coffee, whitener, sugar, spray deodorant, laundry detergent (non-liquid): Metro Turning Point

·         Baby food, peanut butter, canned fish, canned beans: Food Bank



TRUSTEESHIP OF SPACE  - sharing the building


·         SUNDAY activities include:  10am church, 11am Sunday school and fellowship hour, choir practice, 2-4pm African Full Gospel Church, 6:30pm confirmation class

·         MONDAY: alcoholics anonymous

·         TUESDAY:  11am lunch bunch, 7pm gambler’s anonymous

·         WEDNESDAY: quilting, Halifax Lutheran Hospital Chaplaincy meetings, Atlantic Lutheran Campus Ministry Meetings, council meetings,  7pm  Venturers

·         FRIDAY: prayer shawl group

·         SATURDAY:  9am Tai Chi, 11:30am Narcotics Anonymous, German Coffee group


Other groups using the church include: OVO Housing Co-op, Halifax Community Chaplaincy-CSC, German Heritage Language School, Finish Association, Chebucto Links





The last Sunday of every month, congregation members are encouraged to observe a Green Sunday.  This means putting thought into using less (water, gas, electricity, food, make-up, oil based products).  Bulletins will use less paper.  Emphasis will be drawn to using Fair Trade coffee and eating locally (apples rather than bananas for breakfast).  People are encouraged to carpool, take the bus, bike, or walk to church.


As a church we believe in the stewardship of creation.  We have insulated the ceiling in the church hall, put a lighter shingled roof on the building, heat only to 68 degrees, use energy-efficient light bulbs, do not use Styrofoam, take care to ensure our garbage is separated, and keep the environment in our prayers.




Every Wed. you are invited to join us at St.Matthais for a joint Bible Study.  We read together and discuss the lessons for the following Sunday.  Meet the group in the church hall, parlour room to the left, 9:30am-11am.  Tea and coffee provided.  Come once, twice, or every week.


Bible Study is one of the most important activities of the people of God.  This is one of the ways we learn about trusteeship; reading together, dialogue, and prayer.  Church growth studies overwhelmingly show that there are three main features present in growing communities: reading Scripture together, praying together, and a common vision. “GOD YOU ARE ON A MISSION AND WE WANT TO BE PART OF IT!”






Resurrection’s Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday Feb.1, 2009.

Annual reports will be available beginning Sunday Jan. 18, 2009. 

This meeting is a time to share our joys and sorrows, to reflect back on the past year, and plan for 2009.  It is about everyone in the community offering their time, gifts, and resources.  Trusteeship works only when we are acting as trustees.  The responsibility is too great to be left in the hands of the pastor and church council members. As a child of God you are baptized and called to a life of purpose.  You are a trustee!


Come and walk with us!  Please bring a lunch with you on this day.




Text Box: Kid’s Corner Bible Math
1. How many people do you know who have names that are Old Testament book names in the Bible?
2. How many people do you know who have names that are New Testament book names?
3. Who was born on the first Christmas whom angels told about, and shepherds and 3 kings came to see?

Check your answers in the next newsletter.
Answers to the Easter, 2007, questions are: 1. Numbers, 2. 1, 3. 2, 4. 3     by Sandra Holloway