Evangelical Lutheran Church Of The Resurrection


As Trustees of Mother Earth
and being
In Mission for Others

We participate in
The last Sunday of every month

Getting ready to go to church:

*conserve water by sink washing
*refrain from wearing perfume; not only protects the air, it doesn’t use up a product whose packaging will end up in the landfill
*come with the face God gave you; no make-up, much of which is made with oil by-products.
*choose clothes that are recycled from places like Value Village or thrift stores. Or wear something from your closest that you have had “forever”.
*eat a breakfast made from LOCALLY PRODUCED FOOD; ie; no bananas, go with apples from the Valley.

Getting to and from church:

find other people who will travel with you...friends or other church members
*take public transit, bike, or walk

Smaller bulletins:

*we know what happens week to week; so to sharpen our brains, the last Sun. of each month we will print the announcements, not the order of service (uses less paper)

Coffee Hour:

* when donating coffee make sure it is Fair Trade
* include in conversation something new you will do this week for the environment; share something you have already done

After church activities:

*enjoy the outdoors in some way. Remember not to use toys that require the use of gas.
*pick garage up that you find on your street/road
*conserve water by hand-washing dishes rather than using the dishwasher
*enjoy supper by the light of a beeswax candles

Together we can have a huge positive impact on the world around us.
Let us strive to live in harmony with all of God’s creation.
God, you love your whole creation; put that love in our hearts,
so the world is healed from our past mis-endeavours.

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