The Logo of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection

Suggested by the logo is the theme of the Resurrection of our Lord

- the empty cross echoes the Easter theme,

- the sun behind the cross suggests Christ as the light of the world

- the radii on the sun reminds us of the individual lines of our lives which toward the centre of Christ draws us closer in communion with one another

- and the vibrant vine on the cross - rising from the rock and bubble of seeming death - reflect the richness of our lives from god's gift of the Resurrection.

While the primary meaning of Resurrection for us is the Christ Event, the name for this congregation has a historical note:

this congregation, founded in 1915, is said to be the "resurrection" of the earlier Lutheran congregation in Halifax whose home was the Little Dutch Church on Brunswick Street, the first Lutheran church in Canada, erected in 1755 by German settlers who came to Halifax shortly after the founding of the city.

Parish of St George

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