Annapolis Valley Daylilies



 Marie Stuart
29 Baden Powell Dr., Kentville, NS, Canada   B4N 5P4
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     Three of my first introductions are dedicated to the memory of my late husband, Donald Frederic Stuart, who passed away on February 2, 2007. He had been called "Deric" since birth, as his dad was also named Donald, and the dog was named "Fred".




Left: Marie and Deric at Acadia University

Right: Marie and Deric outside their home in Wolfville, NS.



     When naming h. 'Dancing with Deric', I wanted a name which suited the flower and our love affair. This photo was taken of us when we were first engaged in 1959. We were both students at Acadia University when we met, fell in love, and married.

     h. "Acadia At Twilight', is named to celebrate this and to honor Deric's ancestors who were planters. They settled in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, immediately following the expulsion of the Acadians from Grand Pre. They helped found Acadia University in Wolfville, NS. Every generation of Deric's family, including all four of his grandparents, graduated from Acadia. Two of our sons have also graduated from Acadia U. They were the fifth generation to do so.


Newly planted beds at Marie's new home.


     The name for h. 'Full Moon Over Blomidon' was chosen as Cape Blomidon stands out, in all it's beauty, guarding the entrance to the Minas Basin from the Bay of Fundy, which boasts the world's highest tides. It shows a different face throughout each day, every day, not unlike this daylily. We knew we had arrived "home" from our travels when we first viewed Blomidon, as we came over the top of the Avonport mountain.

My fourth introduction was commissioned by a family in New Glasgow, NS, to be named in memory of a four year old girl who died in a tragic accident. Her name and the name of this introduction is h. 'Molly Elizabeth MacIvor'. I chose this plant as it calls out to me, "frilly dresses", "high heel shoes", "make up", and playing with dolls. Divisions of this plant will be planted in memorial gardens at the IWK Childrens' Hospital, Halifax, and in New Glasgow. Also, divisions will be sold for children's charities. I was honored to do this for the family.


Deric and I had a very happy marriage for 47 years. We have five children and seven grandchildren. Deric battled multiple sclerosis for many years. He was a terrific husband, father, grandfather, and teacher. We always understood that we were, indeed, blessed.

My daylily interest enabled me to be home with my husband. It gave me a challenge for my mind and my body. Through it, I have met many precious friends who have supported me, big-time, throughout these years. Many of these are friends, online, whom I have never met personally. Thank you all, for this. It has meant so much to me.




Marie's guest cottage, and sometimes potting shed.




Marie and Deric with their children and grandchildren, 2005.