Mitch Lane's Home Page

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Praise Him all creatures here below,
Praise Him above ye Heavenly host, Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen."

  Hey all, here you'll find some info about myself, guitar effects, music gear,
items I have for trade, and various other things of personal interest.

In case you didn't know, I absolutely love trading - long live the barter system!


Pictured above are a couple shots of me and my son Steven from a few years back.
In the first, Steven's doing his best Jimmy Page impersonation a few years ago, and in the second
we're having our picture taken a couple years ago with a 140 pound Burmese python.
For some strange reason we just couldn't get my wife Dawn to join us in cuddling the little thing!

In the next photo my wife Dawn's the one on the far right along with me on the far left.
In between us are Dawn's cousin Chrstianne and her husband Stephen Williams
who were performng with us at a local Church gospel festival a few years back.

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Feel free to click here for a list of guitar effects and other music gear I have for sale/trade.

And you can click here to see the gear I'm playing.

Click here to find out how to date that effect or amp you have.

You can click here to see a schematic for a very useful Stratocaster modification,
a midrange shaping circuit with detailed instructions on how to build it
and where to find the parts needed. A very easy and handy mod.

As well, click here to see a bottle of  Mumm's Cordon Rouge 1913 vintage Champagne,
some Paragon fine china, some downhill skis,
and some various music software I have for sale/trade.

Here's some old and rare books I have for sale/trade.

Here's a list of effects I've had over the years. I've written short reviews on them,
certainly not up to Harmony Central's standard, but at least they'll give you my take on some you may be interested in.
I don't play too many effects live, but I absolutely love fooling around with them at home.
There's so many available, both vintage and new, that sliding sliders, turning dials,
and pushing buttons can occupy a cat forever in sonic spaciness. As hobbies, I collect quite an assortment
of items and oddities, but old - or "vintage" if you prefer - effects are my mainstay hobby,
outside of spending time with my family.

Let me mention as well, that I highly recommend Jim McShane in Chicago for all your vacuum tube needs.
Jim's a real class act, he's helped me on numerous occasions. He's a wealth of information, he has great prices,
and is a real pleasure to deal with. Here's his web site. Again, I highly recommend him if you need tubes.
For us local cats (Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada), the only source of tubes locally are the music shops,
and unless you're a fan of cheesy Chinese tubes or overpriced Sovtek products you're out of luck.
Jim has quite a varied supply of both quality NOS and new production Tesla, EH, SED (Svetlana), Sovtek
and other tubes with superior tone and characteristics for guitar applications,
and his prices are better than the local shops even with the shipping costs added in.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention a friend of mine, Bruce Richard, the owner of Gig Street Music on
Cunard Street in Halifax, just a few doors down toward Robie from Musicstop.
He deals mainly in used and hard to find gear, everything from vintage Gibsons and Fenders
to newer Yamahas, Ibanezes, etc. and will give you the best deal in town, be it buying, selling, appraising, or trading.

Anyway folks, enjoy my site, and always keep on rocking!

Please feel free to  e-mail me at any time.