This is just an overview of process of putting together the #2 car. Many thanks to both Bill Green (Willy) and Ken Campbell. I couldn't have done it with out their help and time, so I also would like to thank Lynn and Maria! (many Saturdays and Sundays lost to the cause....) 

This is  what we started with. A bare shell that was purchased from a salvage yard for $200 (CAN$). We hung some panels on it and sent it to the frame shop to make sure it was straight.

Stripped front with plates.jpg (59698 bytes) With a "wurth"  stripping tool all the interior sound deadening material was removed, and the bare metal  primed to keep it from rusting. The plates were made to attach the role cage and welded down. At one point there were 4 of us in the car removing that ugly tar crap, not a fast job no matter how you do it.

 stripped rear with plates.jpg (61555 bytes)Stripped rear section of the car. You can see the mounting plates for the cage on the rear tower as well as at the base of  the B Pillar

front Fire wall brace.jpg (42770 bytes) Front Fire wall bracing in place. Cross bar is also visible.

Front cross member.jpg (45524 bytes) Front cross member. This took a fair bit of "grunt" to get in. The heating ducts only required a little re-working to fit. In the NE there is no option of not having defrost!

Rear in mostly finished cage.jpg (59418 bytes) Looking in from the rear. The triangulation is clear! There's not much flex here.

Front in to mostly finished cage.jpg (58055 bytes) Same stage of completion as above but shot from the front. Notice how the rear tower bracing lines up with the side intrusion bars. Not much room for flex to build up.

Rear in painted cage.jpg (49311 bytes) The completed cage from the back

Rear in painted 2.jpg (54357 bytes) A different angle of the cage from the back. It's easier to see the petty bar.

dash Install.jpg (55654 bytes) The Stack dash unit mounted in custom carbon fiber panels. One button on the wheel controls the layers of information on the Stack, and the other is the push to talk for the radio.

Dash shot 2.jpg (55416 bytes) Another shot of the dash. The cage is now padded and the window net is in. You can also see the drivers halon nozzle on the passenger A pillar.

Passenger side in.jpg (51139 bytes) A shot looking in from the passenger door. The seat and harness are installed. The seat brace is also installed. You can just see the fire button below the "E" on the petty bar.

This construction was truly a team effort. We are not a professional race shop, Vantage Motors is the Truro, NS Volkswagen dealer and it so happens that we all like to race. Thanks to all the team at Vantage that lets us chase each other around the track.

Here's to the behind the scenes players.....

Perry (Little),  Warren, Dennis (Mr. "if it needs to be done, I'll do it!"), Perry (Big), Gary, Mike, Earlene, Jason (Bill's lad, lost to the west for a while...), Tom (tranny expert!), Diane (our inside line on all the race ready hardware). And the countless others that make our trip 'round the track that much more fun!