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Paul Goldring lived in Japan for 12 years and worked for a Japanese office in Canada for an additional 14 years.

He has extensive experience as a Japanese-to-English translator.
Much of his work is for Japanese companies.
He was also the main translator of the Official Winter Olympic Guidebook
for the 1998 Nagano Olympics.

Oginword coordinated the review of English textbooks sold in Japan.
The first book in the series, entitled Machigai Darake no Eikaiwa Erabi,
was published in November 1997. It made waves in Japan, so was quickly followed
by three other books:
Nayameru Businessman-no tame no Eikaiwa Kyozai Ranking
TOEIC Kyozai Ranking
TOEFL Kyozai Ranking

Much of the work for the books was translated into Japanese by Mine Ryoko.

In the spring of 2000, the revised version of
Machigai Darake no Eikaiwa Erabi was published,
together with And Then YOU Say ....

And Then YOU Say ... is a textbook; at the same time
it is a commentary on various methods one can use to make learning English
more interesting.

Oginword can receive and send data over the Internet in Japanese,
and can produce typed copy in the Japanese language.

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