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100th Anniversary of CNR 1009
CB&CNS in Cape Breton
CB&CNS on mainland Nova Scotia
CN/National Gypsum trains Past & Present
CN & VIA Going West - Halifax to Moncton
MARITIME TRAINS Volume 1 2008-2010
TRAINS in New Brunswick & Gaspé Volume 1
TRAINS in New Brunswick & Gaspé Volume 2
TRAINS in New Brunswick & Gaspé Volume 3
VIA's OCEAN 1991 - 2012
WHRC's B23-7s including the last train to Windsor Junction
WHRC in the Winter 2008 - 2009

CN & CP in Central Alberta - February 2008
CP in Southern Alberta May 2005
FOLLOWING the THOMPSON RIVER - Kamloops to Lytton BC
RIDING VIA's SKEENA February 2008

MONTANA RAIL LINK from Missoula to Laurel May 2010

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35 minutes - DVD format $25
Recorded between 1991 & 2005

The DVD begins with a selection of photographs taken of both the CN and NAR GMD-1s between 1978 and 2008 along with a narration that traces the changes that have occurred with the GMD-1s since their manufacture in 1958. This includes the 1000, 1100, 1400, 1600 and 1900 series of locomotives and also the NAR locomotives purchased new and second hand from CN. It also shows them after their absorption back into CN. A printout of this information is also included with the DVD.

This is followed by video of the 1100, 1600, 1900 and 1400 series units at work in Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia between 1991 & 2005. Locations include Edmonton, Sylvan Lake, Winnipeg, Moncton, Windsor Junction, Windsor NS and Dartmouth.

A preview of the DVD is below.

Kamloops to Lytton BC

69 minutes - available in DVD and AVCHD (High Definition) formats

CP#301 westbound grain train passes Tobiano 4 September 2011

CN & CP follow the banks of the Thompson River from Kamloops to Lytton BC where the Thompson joins the Fraser River. Much of the terrain is dry and arid. The river has steep banks and is subject to mud slides. CP took the easiest route leaving CN to build several small tunnels and slide sheds. The CN tracks cross the river several times.

CN8942 5513 DPU8x89 wb coal Basque 4 September 2011 004small.jpg

Track repairs and accidents have caused the two railroads to divert trains on to the other railroad's tracks. Increases in traffic caused the two railroads to negotiate a co-production agreement in 2000 to share tracks and permit directional running on each track between Mission and Basque.

A wide variety of trains and locomotive types are seen including grain, coal, sulphur, potash and intermodal with SD40-2s, SD50s, SD75Is SD90MACs, AC44000s and others. The Rocky Mountaineer is seen both in 1999 and in 2011 by which time it had adopted a new livery.

This video shows the tracks between Kamloops and Spences Bridge in September 2011 and was filmed in widescreen high definition. Trains between Spences Bridge and Lytton were filmed in June 1999 using a High8 camcorder. This footage features the tunnels and slide sheds just east of Lytton.

68 minutes - available in DVD and AVCHD (High Definition) formats

The first part of this video shows Amtrak's Vermonter, Ethan Allan and Downeaster trains in various New England locations including the Vermonter at Bellows Falls, Claremont Junction and Waterbury, Vermont. An accident near New Haven caused the Springfield to Washington portion to be cancelled and the train returned with the cab control car leading - it is seen at White River Junction VT passing two blue and gold liveried NECR GP38s.

The Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway is seen between Brownville Junction ME and Northern Maine Junction Bangor ME. The railroad runs many trains with one man crews using belt packs and cabooses to pick up the radio signals. This operation is seen at Brownville and Northern Maine Junctions.

A cab ride between Derby ME and  Brownville Junction in a B39-8 and the return in a B23-7 with a 5000 ton train is also seen.

Vermont Rail System trains with locomotives lettered for each of the five constituent companies are seen on the Vermont Railway and Green Mountain Railway at many interesting Vermont locations including Rutland, Burlington, Chester and the limestone mine at Florence.

New England Central Railway freight trains are seen at St Albans VT, Georgia High Level Bridge VT and near Colchester VT.

Pan Am Railways are seen shunting the yards at Waterville ME

CN/National Gypsum trains Past & Present
(Recorded between 1993 & 2012)

69 minutes - available in DVD and AVCHD (High Definition) formats

National Gypsum owns the world's largest gypsum mine at Milford Nova Scotia. It is seen in the photo below as is a loaded train.

CN#701 at Milford Mine 17 June 2003

They have used a variety of locomotives, many remote controlled, including GE 45 & 100 tonners, a Hunslet and now a SW8 and a SW900. Video taken from the cab of the Hunslet & the GE 100 tonner is included. The loading & unloading operations are also seen. In the photo below the Hunslett is pushing cars into the dumper at Wrights Cove.

NG 100T 505 11 May 1995

CN hauls one or two trains on most days between the mine at Milford and the ship loading facility at Wrights Cove in Dartmouth. Trains used to comprise about 70 CN open hoppers and these are seen being emptied emptied one by one in a rotary tipper. Now National Gypsum uses its own bottom dump cars in trains of about 50 - 55 cars and the rotary tipper has been converted to allow dumping out of the bottom of these cars.

A wide variety of locomotive types have been use on the gypsum train including MLW (C-630M, M-636, HR-616, M-420, HR-412, RS-18 and RSC-14), GM (GP40, GP40-2, SD40, SD40-2, SD70I, SD75I and SD70M-2) & GE (Dash 9-44CW and ES44DC). Most of these locomotive types are seen operating the gypsum train.

Below an HR-616 and an C630M are seen with a loaded train approaching Windsor Junction in May 1983.

CN#701 Windsor Junction March 1983

The train travels about 36 miles from the mine to the ship loading facility and passes several lakes and is seen in both winter and summer surroundings.

The videoclip below shows how the trains have changed over almost 20 years (and videocameras have improved!).

VIA's OCEAN 1991 - 2012

69 minutes - available in DVD and AVCHD (High Definition) formats

The Ocean has operated between Halifax and Montreal for over 100 years. In this video we look at both the country travelled through and the changes in equipment over the past 20 years.

In the first part of the video, the journey from Halifax through Moncton, Miramachi, Campbellton, Matapedia, Charny and Drummondville to Montreal is traced using footage taken both from the dome car of the Ocean and from the lineside.

In the second part of the video, the changes in the locomotives and coaches are illustrated. In 1991 the Ocean and Atlantic still used steam heated coaches. The steam was provided by an aging FP9A or by a steam generator car (or both) behind the F40PH-2. The last steam heated train from Halifax is seen in the excerpt below.

Ex-CP stainless steel coaches were converted to electric heating and these still operate on some Oceans today. In 2001 the first Renaissance coaches were unloaded in Halifax and they began service on the Ocean in 2003. Both these events are seen. In 2007 the first F40PH-2, 6400, was rebuilt at Canadian Allied Diesel. Here it is arriving on a test run to Halifax.

6400 is seen leading the Ocean out of Halifax a few days later in the excerpt below.

By 2009 the rebuild programme was underway and two F40PH-2s are seen in the shops at CAD. The video ends with views of the rebuilt locomotives hauling trains of Renaissance coaches.

More photographs and history can be seen in our book "CN & VIA Passenger Trains in Nova Scotia 1972-2012" See a preview of the book at www.blurb.com/users/rrpics.

100th Anniversary of 1009

28 minutes DVD C$20

To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of steam engine 1009 (ex CNR) the Canadian Railroad Historical Association (New Brunswick), the New Brunswick Railway Museum & OBE Video have teamed up to create this video .

1009 has a 4-6-0 wheel arrangement and was built by Montreal Locomotive Works in 1912 for contractors O'Brien, McDougall & O'Gorman who were building the National Transcontinental Railway. After construction of the NTR was finished, the locomotive was purchased by the Canadian Government Railways which later became Canadian National Railways. 1009 last operated (as 1165) on the CNR in March 1958. 

She was stored and subsequently went to the CRHA museum in Delson, Quebec in the 1960s. 1009 came to Hillsborough in November 1983 on a flat car. She was restored and operated on the CRHA(NB)'s tourist railway between Hillsborough & Baltimore for 10 years. Her final appearance in steam (albeit at reduced pressure) was for the movie "Paradise Siding" in August 1998. 1009 is now a static exhibit at the New Brunswick Railway Museum in Hillsborough.

The DVD begins with photographs of 1009 in operation as early as 1938 and a commentary on her history. The video portion starts with her trip to Hillsborough in 1983 and then shows her being steamed. Next, 1009 is filmed from both the lineside and from on board the train as she carries tourists between Hillsborough and Salem. We also see operations on the footplate (annotated with the names of the controls). Finally we see 1009 with a work train at several locations during the filming of the movie "Paradise Siding".

CB&CNS on mainland Nova Scotia

70 minutes - available in DVD and AVCHD (High Definition) formats

A wide variety of locomotives are seen on the Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway between Truro and the Canso Causeway including MLW C-630M & RS-18s; GM F40PH-2, GP9, GP9-4, GP15, GP38-2, GP40, GP40-2L(W), SD40-2, SD45-2s and an MPI GP20D.

The Hopewell Subdivision runs from the interchange with CN at Truro through Stellarton, New Glasgow and Antigonish to Havre Boucher. The Sydney Subdivision runs from Havre Boucher to the Canso Causeway and then to Sydney in Cape Breton.

Trains are seen at many locations from west to east. In order to include as many locations as possible not all trains are shown in their entirety. The scenery is fantastic with great fall colours and snow scenes as well as spring and summer greenery.

Long freight trains carry  logs, lumber, paper, coal, chemicals, petroleum products, natural gas, plastic pellets, new railcars, carbon black and other materials to make tires as well as consumer products. Economic swings have altered the mix of products carried and the video shows a diverse mixture of cars from many railroads.

For 5 years VIA operated a weekly tourist passenger train between Halifax and Sydney in the summer and it is seen at several locations.

This excerpt from the video shows three C-630Ms descending the hill into New Glasgow and then three SD40-2s , an SD45-2 and a GP15 ascending the same hill.

September 2011

68 minutes - available in DVD and AVCHD (High Definition) formats

Chicago and Seattle have many different modes of commuter transportation that use rails. These include heavy rail (diesel, overhead and third rail electric), LRT, streetcars and monorail.

In Chicago we see a variety of Metra diesels in action including a rare F40C (which had been brought out of retirement) and the new MP36 PH-3S as well as F40PH-2s, F40PH-3s and an F40PHM-2.  Metra and NICTD also operate overhead electric trains using single and bi-level trains built by St Louis Car Company, Bombardier and Nippon Sharyo.

The famous Chicago Elevated (L) trains are seen both above and below ground (the Red Line operates partly in a subway). The view from the rear car of a Pink Line train as it travels around the central loop and across the Chicago River is also included.

Seattle constructed a monorail for its World Fair and this still runs from the Westlake Center to the Seattle Center and the Space Needle.

The Seattle Streetcar line with modern European Designed Streetcars runs from the Westlake Center to Lake Union.

Seattle built a Transit Tunnel under the downtown area and this carries both buses and  LRT trains.

There are also heavy rail Sounder trains that operate to Union Station from Tacoma and Everett. We see a line of Sounder trains at Everett.

WHRC's B23-7s
including the last train to Windsor Junction

68 minutes - available in DVD and AVCHD (High Definition) formats

The WHRC purchased, from Nashville & Eastern RR (NERR), two B23-7s that were built by GE in 1979 for Conrail. 1968 went from Conrail to NRE and then to NERR and 2003 went to Norfolk Southern where it was renumbered 4079 and then went to NRE and finally to NERR (information from Conrail Historical Society). 4079 has had its nose replaced and now has no marker lights. The nose is painted white which makes 4079 easily identifiable.

The two locomotives arrived at Rockingham behind the power on CN#120 on 23 March 2010 after an indirect journey across North America. The B23-7s were delivered to Windsor Junction two days later.

4079 was tested unsuccessfully with CEMR GP9R 4011 (just before it returned to Manitoba). Until recently 4079 could only operate with 1968 if 4079 was running backwards. Recently it was found that the ditch lights were incorrectly wired and interfered with the multiple unit controls!

The WHRC had many problems during the summer of 2010 including stalled trains, locomotive failures, broken rails and derailments. Many of these events are seen on this video.

In October the feed grain hauling companies decided to move their unloading facilities from Windsor to Fairview (Halifax) and Truro. This means that the Windsor Branch of the Nova Scotia Railway from Windsor to Windsor Junction will probably not see any more traffic and the last train with 4079 & 1968 (working together!) ran on 2 November 2010. This train is seen at many scenic fall locations.

Here the train is approaching Stark Road, Newport Station, Nova Scotia.

MONTANA RAIL LINK from Missoula to Laurel
May 2010

68 minutes - available in DVD and AVCHD (High Definition) formats

Montana Rail Link purchased the BNSF line from Sandpoint Idaho to Jones Junction (east of Billings) Montana in November 1987. It is a dramatic railroad with two high passes - Mullan and Bozeman - each with a tunnel at the summit. Many trains have four or five locomotives, often including remote units on the rear, but still require manned helper sets of 5 locomotives (usually SD70Aces or SD45s), Loaded coal trains usually have 124 cars and nine engines.

Here we see a westbound loaded BNSF coal train with four BNSF locomotives and five MRL mid train helper locomotives exiting Bozeman tunnel on 19 May 2010.

The MRL keeps its locomotives in pristine condition and contracts a company to wash them frequently. They use remote controlled switchers in their Laurel yard - the remote control equipment is located in cabooses and these can then be attached to any locomotive (usually an SD35). Switches are controlled by the engineer or brakeman from an electronic ground frame and there is a system of colour lights to show the switch positions.

MRL703 SD35 remote switching Laurel 23 May 2010

Here we see remote controlled MRL SD35 703 switching the yards at Laurel on 23 May 2010.

Most trains are BNSF trains that run across the entire main line but there are also MRL local trains from Helena and Livingston, transfer freights between Missoula and Laurel and local switching duties to service on-line industries.

There are extensive yards at Missoula and Laurel that are operated by Montana Rail Link with their own locomotives and smaller yards at several other locations.

The video shows a variety of MRL locomotives including SD35s, SD40XRs GP9s and SD70Aces as well as BNSF GM and GE units.

BNSF's MARIAS PASS in May 2010

68 minutes - available in DVD and AVCHD (High Definition) formats

SF4707 BNSF4679 wb grain rear 4060 4759 Nyack tunnel Flathead River 14 May 2010

BNSF 4707 and BNSF 4679 head a westbound grain train through Nyack tunnel beside the Flathead River on 14 May 2010. BNSF 4060 and 4759 are on the rear.

BNSF's Marias Pass was selected by Microsoft® as the one North American route for Train Simulator®. From West Glacier to Summit the railroad climbs almost 2200 feet in 65 miles and then descends across grasslands to Shelby. This video shows many of the features that make this area so unique. It was filmed in May 2010 when some snow was still on the peaks.

After leaving West Glacier (Belton) the line runs alongside the Flathead River and through several tunnels. At Essex there is the famous Izaak Walton Inn that was built in 1939 on Great Northern Railroad land. From here the track climbs for 20 miles along ledges protected by snowsheds and crosses several trestles over creeks that join the Flathead River before reaching the 5216 foot summit of Marias Pass and the Continental Divide.

The western side of the Rocky Mountains is covered with trees whereas on the eastern side there are few trees and large open grasslands crossed by winding valleys. In several places high trestles, notably at East Glacier and Cut Bank, cross these valleys.

Loaded grain trains, intermodal trains, coal trains and general freight trains, often with remote controlled locomotives on the rear, travel this route. Amtrak's Empire Builder also travels daily in each direction.

We see all these trains and also a Directors Special train, an FRA Office of Safety train and a work train. GE & GM locomotives from several railroads are seen at work.

Here we see Amtrak's westbound Empire Builder passing Bison and then cresting False Summit on 13 May 2010.
MARITIME TRAINS Volume 1 2008-2010

65 minutes - available in DVD and AVCHD (High Definition) formats

Passenger Trains: On a stormy 5 October 2009 the Chaleur had two locomotives CN 9416 and VIA 6419 to prevent the train stalling on wet leaves. The video shows views of and from the train between New Richmond and Gaspé. The waves crashing along the Bay of Chaleur are particularly spectacular.

Three days before Christmas 2009 we see views from the Ocean between Halifax and Montreal as well as lineside views at different times in the Halifax & Moncton areas.

This video shows views from the Park car on the rear of the Ocean as it approaches Montreal and crosses the St Lawrence River on 23 December 2009.

On 5 December 2009, Transport Action Atlantic visited the IRSI shops in Moncton to see work on VIA Rail Renaissance, LRC & full Dome cars as well as RDCs and SW1500s.

Freight Trains: CB&CNS trains are seen between Stellarton and Georges River including the SD45-2s in their last month of operation - great sound climbing towards Marshy Hope.

CN freights are seen in the Halifax area including Class 66s en route to Europe, and at Bathurst. The Sperry testing Truck and CN`s Test Track Evaluation car (1501 a rebuilt RDC) are seen in operation as well as a rail train near Campbellton.

The WHRC gypsum train pulled by a GP9R is seen between the mine at Mantua and the dock at Hantsport. At Hantsport an ancient GE45T owned by Fundy Gypsum pulls the cars to the dumper.

Fundy Gypsum GE45T 46 & CEMR GP9u 4011 Hantsport 22 April 2010

Fundy Gypsum GE45T 46 (right) and CEMR GP9u 4011 (left) with gypsum cars at Hantsport Nova Scotia 22 April 2010.

May 2009
65 minutes - available in DVD and AVCHD (High Definition) formats

In May 2009 we rode most of the passenger trains in Alaska. Most trains have bilevel dome cars (some belonging to tour operators) and there is even a bilevel DMU! The Alaska Railroad is a great way to view some incredible scenery including mountains (on a clear day we see Mount McKinley - North America's highest mountain at over 20000 feet) and glaciers (Bartlett Glacier is only 2000 feet away from the train). The crews are so friendly that often they will slow down or even back up the train to provide photographic opportunities!

northbound Denali Star crossing Hurricane Gulch 17 May 2009

This video is in two parts. One shows the locomotives of the Alaska Railroad - GP38-2s, GP-38us, GP40-2s, GP40-Hs (HEP equipped units) and SD70MACs, some with HEP power for passenger train haulage. It also shows the bilevel DMU (including the interior) and footage from the front windows, an E9B now converted to a HEP power car and ex Amtrak F40s now used as cab control cars.

The other shows the stunning scenery and wildlife of Alaska much of it viewed from the trains as local guides give commentaries. We see bears, wolves, mountain goats, dall sheep and sandhill cranes. From a Kenai Fjords catamaran travelling through the National Park, with on board commentary, we see sea lions, seals, sea otters, porpoises, whales, common mures, puffins and much more sea life. Aerial footage of the mountains and glaciers is also included.

Here we see a tidal bore in Turnagain Arm from Alaska Railroad's new Bilevel DMU 751 which first operated in May 2009. We rode it in its first week of operation. The clip also shows the DMU including the cab interior and two wolves seen from the upper deck of the DMU.

RIDING VIA's SKEENA February 2008

65 minutes - available in DVD and AVCHD (High Definition) formats

In February 2008 we rode the Skeena from Jasper to Prince George and back. The train comprised an F40PH-2, a coach and a Park Car and generally carried between 5 and 10 passengers - just like having your own private train complete with dome car!

VIA train 5 Skeena 6426 Jasper 27 February 2008

In Jasper we videoed the arrival and departure of the eastbound Canadian (VIA#2) and then boarded the westbound Skeena (VIA#5). The scenery is magnificent in winter and the lack of leaves on the trees made it much easier to see the mountains and rivers. Initially we travelled through the Rockies past lakes and mountains including Mount Robson - the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Then we followed the snow covered Fraser through Dunster & McBride to Prince George. En route we held a birthday party in the Park Car!

On the return journey we stopped at Penny to deliver the mail and later to pick up a 70 year old local resident who had snow-shoed three miles to the tracks. He was on his way to McBride to buy supplies.

We had a good view of Mount Robson and as we approached Redpass Junction on the steeper-graded track we saw a freight on the parallel track and then passed a waiting westbound intermodal freight. At Jasper a late westbound Canadian delayed our arrival and so we turned on the wye before backing into the station - rare mileage specially for the video!

WHRC in the WINTER 2008 - 2009

65 minutes - available in DVD and AVCHD (High Definition) formats

Winter 2008-2009 had both snow & rain. This led to difficulties for the Windsor & Hantsport Railway and both a locomotive and a snow plow were derailed.

Here we see leased CEMR 4011 & CBCNS 4004 (in RailLink livery) with an eastbound WHRC freight from Windsor to Windsor Junction at South Uniacke Nova Scotia on 9 December 2009. The train is seven empty grain hoppers that have been unloaded in Windsor. The grain was then trucked to the feed mills.

More views including attempts to re-rail the locomotive and views of the plow at work can be seen on our DVD (also available in High Definition)

WHRC plow 55360 with CEMR4011 RL4004 10 cars Beaverbank Rd 20 February 2009

- from Atlantic to Pacific.
69 minutes available only in DVD format

CP2816 Exshaw Bow River 25 May 2005To celebrate our first 15 video productions, we have gone back to the original master tapes and selected some of our favourite scenes that have been used in earlier productions. The scenes have been digitized again using improved software and the images have been enhanced where appropriate. This has substantially improved the videos that were taken using regular and High 8 formats.

CEMR4013 wb freight Grand Pre 25 August 2006

CP3029 3080 3052 descending to Prentiss 20 February 2008.jpg

Over 30 trains are seen in five provinces from Nova Scotia to British Columbia between 1996 and 2008.

Passenger and freight trains, hauled by diesel and a few steam locomotives, are seen in a wide variety of locations from the Strait of Canso to the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver Island. The scenery is spectacular in all four seasons.

Three of Canada's biggest trestles are featured - the Lethbridge Viaduct in Alberta which is over a mile long, the Niagara Canyon trestle on Vancouver Island and the Salmon River trestle near Grand Falls, New Brunswick.

VIA's MMC, Canada-Allied Diesel & Trains in Montreal
67 minutes available only in DVD format

In 2007 & 2008 Ron Jackson of VIA Rail organized two Atlantic Canadian Railfan trips to Montreal to visit locomotive shops.

In April 2007 the trip was to VIA's own Montreal Maintenance Centre (MMC) at Point St. Charles. Not only were VIA locomotives and coaches being rebuilt but also an LLPX GP15. The trip concluded with a ride on the Ocean as it was backed from MMC to Central Station and scenes from this rare mileage trip are shown in the video.

Here we see VIA 915 P42DC being started and its in-cab controls.

On the second trip in April 2008 we visited Canada-Allied Diesel's workshops in Lachine where the VIA F40PH-2 rebuild program was underway.

CAD Montreal VIA6452 & 6402 shells 20 April 2008

There were also many other locomotives being rebuilt and constructed including Railpower Green Goats and Gen Sets.

The DVD includes a mixture of panoramic video shots and still photographs to illustrate the work in progress. In addition views from the Skyline car on both trips and trains in Montreal are included.

A variety of railroads including AMT, Amtrak, CN, CP, VIA with loco types including 25KV electric trains GP9u, SD60F, F40PH, F40PHR, F40PH-2, F59PHI, Dash 9-44CW, P42DC & ES44DC are seen.

CN & CP in Central Alberta
February 2008
68 minutes available only in DVD format

CN2644 2568 eastbound sulphur train Briggs 15 February 2008

CN has a line running almost 100 miles from Mirror on its Edmonton - Calgary line to Rocky Mountain House. Unit sulphur trains run as needed from Rocky Mountain House to various destinations in North America and to Vancouver for shipment abroad. A local freight from Red Deer usually goes westward and eastward on alternate days and serves petrochemical plants and various industries in Red Deer (to do this it has to back down a steep grade and so a caboose is still used). On CN's tracks, we see an empty & loaded unit sulphur train with open cars from Sultrans, CN, BC Rail and Procor and also the Switcher climbing out of the Red Deer valley and passing through Sylvan Lake.

The CP main line from Edmonton to Calgary has a crew change point and yard in Red Deer and hosts at least 10 main line freights each day. Main line power includes ES44ACs, AC4400CWs (both CP & CEFX), SD90MACs & SD40-2s. GP38-2s and also GP9us which are taken on these trains to Calgary for servicing. Branchline trains use two or three GP38-2s. On the CP main we see a variety of freights climbing and descending the Blindman River valley and crossing the prairie landscape. We also follow the CP branch line freights to Rimbey (to serve a gas plant) and to Prentiss to serve a glycol plant. The snow and ice fog help to create some dramatic scenery.

TRAINS to the Annapolis Valley
Windsor to New Minas
85 minutes available only in DVD format

CEMR4013 with freight eastbound Grand Pré Church 25 August 2006

This video shows six freight trains both west and east bound between Windsor  & New Minas in the very picturesque Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.

Trains are seen in Spring, Summer & Winter at numerous panoramic locations between 2004 and 2007 and feature RS-23s, GMD1s leased from CN and GP9Rs leased from CEMR (Cando Contracting).

On 17 August 2007, leased CEMR 4014 collected three empty cars from New Minas and Port Williams. This train, which may be the last train to operate in the Annapolis Valley, is seen at many locations.

TRAINS in New Brunswick & Gaspé Volume 3
NB Southern St Croix to Saint John
Available only in DVD format

NBSR9801 2319 9802 Fredericton Junction 11 October 2006

This DVD shows freight trains and the Acadian tourist train on the New Brunswick Southern from the US border (St Croix) to Saint John.

The Acadian passenger train ran briefly during the summer of 2002 from Delson near Montreal over the former CP line to Saint John using one or two specially painted F40PHs (ex Amtrak) and a variety of stainless steel passenger cars including two mid-train dome cars and a rounded-end observation car. The train is seen both eastbound and westbound.

The videoclip below shows the westbound train crossing the river at Fredericton Junction on the 28 August 2002.

The DVD also shows a yellow GP38-3 (painted for the short lived Sunbury trailer on flat car train) shunting cars from the St Stephen branch at McAdam prior to the arrival of the main line freight. It also shows gypsum cars being unloaded using a mechanical shovel.

NB Southern usually operates one main line freight each day in each direction powered by a mixture of refurbished second-hand GP38s. Both the east and westbound trains are seen at numerous scenic locations including crossing the St Croix River, passing the historic train station at McAdam, running alongside Harvey and Welsford Lakes as well as through fall foliage in the region between Fredericton Junction and Westfield Beach.

The videoclip below shows the daily eastbound freight with 2319 (in Sunbury yellow), 9802 & 2318 running beside Harvey Lake with the fall colours as a backdrop on 10 October 2006.

In Saint John, NB Southern switches the Dever Road Yard on the west side, the Island Yard (leased from CN) on the east side, the Irving Mill and the docks using its own SW1200s and CN’s GP9us.

TRAINS in New Brunswick & Gaspé Volume 2
Van Buren & CN Saint-Hilaire to Saint John
Available only in DVD format

CN 149 with 2572 5241 2500 Salmon River Trestle 5 October 2005

This video shows freight trains in action on the Van Buren Bridge Company & between 1998 and 2006 on the CN lines from Saint-Hilaire (just west of Edmundston) to Moncton and Saint John.

The Van Buren Bridge Company operated between St Léonard and Grand Falls on track owned by CN & CP to service the McCain’s plant. The track has now been purchased by CN.

Here we see Quebec Southern GP35u 506 with a short train of tank cars heading towards Grand Falls on 28 August 2002.

CN’s Napadogan subdivision from Edmundston to Pacific Junction (near Moncton) carries many long freight trains, some up to two miles in length, between Halifax or Saint John and Montreal, Toronto and Chicago as well as a few local freights. The area around Grand Falls is extremely picturesque with many large trestles that are particularly spectacular with the fall foliage. The Salmon River trestle is 4600 feet long and 200 feet high and we see several trains from different locations crossing both it and another trestle close by at New Denmark.

Here we see CN train 308 with 2501, 5518 & 5442 passing the church and crossing the trestle at New Denmark on a cloudy 7 October 2005.

The area is close to the Saint John River and we see some trains in the fog. We also see a brush cutter at work.

At McGivney a freight train is held up while a ballast train is at work. At Gort we see the westbound Ocean and visit the Gordon Yard (which used to be a hump yard) and see several GMD-1s at work as well as a “Sweep” and an SW1200RSu.

Finally we see a freight from Saint John travelling along the picturesque Kennebekacasis valley.

CN & VIA Going West - Halifax to Moncton
Available only in DVD format

CN 307 & VIA15 Crowes Mills Road 15MY04

This video shows over 65 westbound trains at more than 50 locations between 1992 and 2005 on the Bedford (Halifax to Truro) and Springhill (Truro to Moncton) Subdivisions with the location and mileage identified. Trains are seen in all four seasons of the year with spectacular fall colours and blowing snow!

The CN Main line between Halifax and Moncton is used by long distance (100 series) freights to Montreal, Toronto and Chicago, by a Dartmouth to Truro and Moncton freight (# 307), by local freights as well as by VIA passenger trains to Montreal (#15) and formerly by the Bras d’Or (# 19) – a weekly summer train to Sydney.

Over the last 15 years passenger trains have changed from steam heated to electrically heated coaches and the locomotives fitted with steam generators have been retired. Here we see an F40PH-2 and an aging FP9u with a train of blue & yellow coaches and 12 years later a very old CN GP9u and an F40PH-2 with a set of Stainless Steel coaches (the GP9u had been added in Quebec City to replace a failed F40PH-2).

Now the Renaissance coaches are taking over and the Stainless Steel coaches are due to be replaced in May 2007.

At the same time the number of 100 series freight trains has been reduced to 2 and the trains have become longer often exceeding 2 miles and 12,000 tons and usually arriving and departing from Halifax at night. Here we see VIA 15 passing CN train 307 from Dartmouth at Belmont West near Truro NS.

This video shows freight and passenger trains in action between 2000 and 2005 on the Quebec Railway Corporation's lines between Matapédia and Moncton including the very scenic line along the Bay of Chaleur to Gaspé.

NBEC & VIA at Campbellton

The Chemin de Fer de la Matapédia et du Golfe (CFMG) and New Brunswick East Coast Rail operate rebuilt SD-40s (ex CN), C-424s (ex CP) and chop-nosed RS-18s (also ex CP). One RS-18 has been rebuilt and extensively upgraded by IRSI in Moncton. Units are lettered CFMG, NBEC, ERS or QRC.

Here we see NBEC Alcos (ex CP) 1840 (RS-18u) & 4230 (C-424) shunting in the Miramachi yards 3 September 2002.

VIA Rail 's Chaleur runs three days per week overnight from Montreal to Gaspé where it arrives about midday. At Gaspé it is turned, serviced and about 2 hours later leaves for Montreal. The journey is very picturesque and many of the bridges and trestles now have 5 mph speed restrictions permitting good views of the river valleys and of the sea.

Here the westbound Chaleur approaches Caplan as the sun sets on 31 August 2002.

VIA Rail's Ocean runs six days per week from Montreal to Halifax. It leaves Montreal in the evening (often the Chaleur is combined with it) and arrives in Halifax in the late afternoon. It leaves Halifax the next day about midday. Three sets of equipment are used to operate this train and by 2005 two were Renaissance coaches and one was Budd Stainless Steel cars. Both types of trains are seen.

Views from the dome cars on both the Chaleur and the Ocean are included The trains are seen in Spring, Summer and Fall.

CP in Southern Alberta May 2005
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CP2816 Exshaw Bow River 25 May 2005This video shows Canadian Pacific Hudson type steam engine 2816 on a Breakfast for Learning special from Calgary to Banff and return on 25 May 2005. The train is seen at several locations including Alyth yards, Calgary, Keith, Canmore, Ghost Reservoir (across the water), running alongside the Bow River near Exshaw, Cochrane and Banff. On the return trip we pace the Hudson at about 70 kph as it parallels the Trans-Canada Highway through Banff National Park and again see and hear the train running alongside the Bow River – the echoes off the mountains are incredible!

CEFX108 CP9141 BNSF1438 1370 1373 nb CP Viaduct Lethbridge 26 May 2005.jpgThe diesel section shows SD40-2, SD40-2F, SD90MAC, AC4400, & GP9 models owned by CP, CEFX and BNSF all on CP freights. There are grain trains, sulphur trains and general freights including several trains with robot pushers. The trains are all over a mile in length (some about two miles long) and are seen at various parts of Southern Alberta including the Lethbridge area, near Medicine Hat and in the area around Red Deer. Two trains to and from the United States are seen crossing the 314 foot high Lethbridge Viaduct built in 1908-9. One of these trains has three BNSF GP9s (in BN and ATSF liveries) en route to Calgary to be converted into cabless Green Goats.

CB&CNS in Cape Breton
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The Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway purchased the former Canadian National line from Sydney to Truro Nova Scotia in 1994. As the coal mines and Sydney steel mill closed, traffic in Cape Breton has dwindled and CB & CNS has made two applications to abandon the line.

Main line freights train

At first main line freights were hauled by Alco\MLW C-630Ms, then GM GP50s arrived and later these were replaced by SD45s leased from Helm (sometimes paired with GP units). This video shows all these models of locomotives at work in various spectacular Cape Breton locations.

Local Freight trains

Local shunting and transfer operations have seen RS-18s, a GP18, GP9s of various configurations and liveries, leased GP15s and leased GP38s. Many of these units are seen at work both in the Sydney and Port Hawkesbury areas.

In 2000 VIA began to use some of the Budd cars from the Ocean for a weekly luxury land cruise train from Halifax to Sydney returning the next day. The Bras d’Or is seen at many scenic locales both from lineside and from the Skyline and Park cars. Locations include Balls Creek, Big Pond, Bras d’Or Lakes, Grand Narrows, Iona, Ottawa Brook trestle, Orangedale, McIntyre Lake, Port Hawkesbury and the Canso Causeway. Bald Eagles are seen several times.

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