Maher, Rapaport, Manuel. 2012. Improving the Effectiveness of Climate Change and Adaptation Visualization Techniques Targeted Towards Decision-Makers and Citizens. Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions.

We found benefit in communicating the effects of climate change using a range of different visualisation forms. In addition we found that visualisations which have a high degree of realism or incorporate interactivity are particularly effective in engaging a diverse audience.




Visualising the holistic coastal impacts due to climate change. Anticipated impacts include sea-level rise, storm surge, and coastal erosion in the area of Baddeck and the Bra D’or lake system in Nova Scotia, Canada. This project seeks produce a range of experimental communication materials with the involvement of a number of community partners. These materials include mapping, photogrammetry, photography, typographic printing, information graphics and purpose made art/design objects.The rationale for producing such a broad range materials is to engender a deeper discussion with a broader local audience on the complex implications of climate change.


Created climate change visualisations to be used as backdrops in the theatrical production "Partons, la mer est belle". Clients: Ecology Action Centre and Le Conseil des Arts, Chéticamp

2010 - 2012:

Interactive visualisation models provided on loan to Oceanography and Climate Section, Department of Fisheries and Oceans for the Bedford Institute of Oceanography Open Day 2012.