Visualising climate change


This project asked small groups of respondents to provide their opinions on a range of visualisation material. The six different visualisation materials were purpose designed for the research project each depicting, in different ways, the impact of climate change rise on a local study area within the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). These different formats (see below) anticipate the effects of sea-level rise (year 2100) combined with storm surge in Fisherman’s Cove, Eastern Passage.

Research participants were recruited from the full spectrum of planning decision making including: elected decision makers; municipal staff; informed public (NGO staff) and local stakeholders (residents and business owners in the study area. Participants responded very positively to the project. Many comments were made as to the importance of community involvement within adaptation planning and the role of education in this achieving such involvement. Respondents who indicated this, felt that when catering to the diverse needs of this broad audience, visualisations are a very effective communication tool.