My work is engaged with the broad theme of connection, namely the connection between the land and human cultures. I also have a particular interest in how those relationship may be understood through modes of representation, be it artistic expression or data orientated. Particular themes in my work include: the dissociation experienced in unconsidered public spaces; roads and intersections as locations of exchange; and the changing relationship human cultures have with their immediate environment as a result of climate change.I am becoming increasingly interdisciplinary in my practice as a result of recent research in planning and the use of role of landscape visualisations.

Working across a number of disciplines means there are substantial differences between my different practices. Yet a common thread between all projects is an endeavour to offer opportunities for audiences to engage more deeply with the spaces that surrounds them. As an artist and a designer I have an ongoing fascination with the complex relationships human cultures have with the environments they inhabit. I am translating this interest into planning contexts by developing innovative methods to involve and educate stakeholders on the complex issues associated with adaptation planning. My aim in these projects is to facilitate discourse and knowledge sharing between stakeholder groups which can inform and shape policy decisions.

My art has been exhibited internationally and I have work held in a range of public and private collections.  I have also worked collaboratively with a number of Government and non-Government agencies to generate discussion on adaptation planning and coastal management issues.

I educate students studying art, design and planning and have taught at a number of institutions including NSCAD and Dalhousie University.


Paul Maher

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