Our Repertoire

Much of our music is custom-arranged for us by our talented arranger and violist, Allister Fraser. Allister tailors parts to suit the technical abilities of our members and instrumentation. Works he has arranged for us in the past few years include:

  • Egmont Overture by Ludwig Von Beethoven
  • Double Horn Concerto by Antonio Vivaldi
  • a Suite of Dances by J.S. Bach
  • Symphonies by Abel and Boccherini
  • English Folk Song Suite by Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • Summer Days by Eric Coates
  • Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves by Guiseppe Verdi
  • Intermezzo from Hari Janos by Janacek

    We have also performed several specially written pieces by local composer and arranger Ralph Fraser.

    Allister is always interested in sharing arrangements and ideas with people from other small amateur orchestras, wherever they are found. He can be reached by telephone (902) 752-0754.