QuizBall 4.01
© Copyright 1987-2002 Marc Moisan

Game History

Baseball (21 May 1987)

This was the original version programmed using IBM Logo 1.0 for a high school Computer Science project.

Baseball Version 2.0 (17 October 1992)

The original code was converted into QuickBasic and part of it re-written in order to simplify it and make it shorter.

Baseball Version 3.0 (10 March 1994)

With Microsoft Windows™ becoming the environment of choice for computing, the game was converted and re-written for the new interface, it also allowed a way to change the question database used by the game.

QuizBall 4.0 (29 April 1996)

Under this version, the look was improved by adding better graphics and making the icons move around the diamond. It also switched to multiple choice questions. This version was released as shareware in order to recover the costs of floppy disks and mailing expenses.

QuizBall 4.01 (11 August 2002)

With most people having access to the Internet and capable of downloading files at high speed, there was no longer any costs involved in distributing the game. All software components were removed, making it completely free and some small tweaking allowed the program to run more efficiently.