The Next QuizBall

After a review of my Web Site’s statistics, I noticed that the majority of hits during 2007 were from my QuizBall site. Although I had no plan for an update to QuizBall 4.01, these statistics prompted me to reconsider and I decided to give it a try.

I am not a programmer by trade and I do not have as much free time as I did when I wrote the previous versions. So I am seeking willing individuals to help and assist me with this project.

Everyone with something to provide is welcome to apply become a contributor. However, I am seeking mostly individuals with knowledge of Visual Basic or C++, as well as computer graphic artists.

Because QuizBall is and will continue to be Freeware, contributors will not be remunerated for their work toward this project. They will however be properly credited and may share some of the rights depending on their contribution.

If you wish to become a contributor, or need more info on this project, please fill in the form below:

Your Name:

Email Address:

I am familiar with Visual Basic

I am familiar with C++

I can make good computer graphics

I have other skills that can benefit the project

The reason you wish to contribute:

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