Reprodactyl, Inc.


Reprodactyl Inc. offers a wide variety of services to the scientific community and the discriminating natural history collector.  Including, but not limited to:

  • Expert moulding and casting of dinosaur or other natural history items for research, display or sale.
    • Gift Shop specialty casting: custom reproducing your local fossils at low cost to create exciting gift shop items for museums or visitors centers.
  • "In situ" moulding of specimens or natural landforms.
  • Preparation of fossil specimens.
  • Mounting
  • Development and production of exhibits, displays, and dioramas, both permanent and traveling. 
  • Prospecting for, and collection of natural history specimens and events.S

Our Site Or Yours

Main Facility -- Seattle: Reprodactyl's main facility is a large specially outfitted space in Seattle, Washington. Our prices are most competitive when work is done there.

Custom On-Site Work: We are willing to discuss travel to your site to conduct work that cannot be transported to Seattle.


Rates are determined on an individual project basis. Because of our low overhead, our contract rates are highly competitive. Get the benefit of 20 years of experience for your projects at a cost less than an experienced permanent employee at your facility.


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