The lighthouse at Horton Bluff overlooks Cape Blomidon, Minas Basin and marks the entrance to the Avon River leading to the harbour at Hantsport. Large ocean-going ships arrive on the rising tide, load 18000 to 20000 T of gypsum (in about 3 hours) and depart at high tide. On January 7, 2004, the largest ship ever to enter the Minas Basin, the Gypsum Centennial, arrived at Hantsport to load 35000T+ of gypsum in the last 3.5 hour time segment before high tide. The ship can hold up to 47000T.
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February 2, 2004 taken near sunset. Basin is covered a mobile mass of floating ice chunks that ebb and flow with the tide.
June 17, 2003 photo, taken in evening light.
December 3, 2002 photo, a snowy day at Horton Bluff.
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