Summer evening view of Cape Blomidon from Horton Bluff 
overlooking Minas Basin near Avonport, Nova Scotia (see map) (Basin Tide Now)  

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Horton Bluff Lighthouse located at 
entrance to the Avon River and overlooking Minas Basin and Cape Blomidon located at the upper end of the Bay of Fundy. 15 metre tides frequently rise and fall in the view from this lighthouse. The photo (taken near sunset, Apr 30, 2004) is linked to comments and other photos from the same location.
A brief Horton Bluff lighthouse history

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Perez Coldwell Memorial
A book by the late L.Ross Potter
Gaspereau: a River Runs Through It

COMET PANSTARRS Diagram (updated)
          Comet sketch of April 4th observation.
Comet sketch of April 4th observation-try 2

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