Note: Only times associated with the daytime tidal bores are given in these schedules. In a 24-hr-day, approximately 2 high and low tides, along with the associated tidal bores can occur. To find the previous or following approximate time for any of the given events, subtract or add 12 hours 25 minutes to the event time given in the schedule.

along the southerly shores of the MINAS BASIN, N.S.,
and the associated TIDAL BORES that occur during daylight hours at:

MANTUA (MB), from the bridge over the Herbert River. 
(Note that the incoming tide flows from the St. Croix R. into the Herbert R.)
[GPS coordinates given below]

Note: Tidal Bore viewing at TIDAL VIEW FARM  (TVF) located in Poplar Grove is no longer available to the public.

In this SIMPLIFIED schedule only the tides having a daytime tidal bore have been selected.
Simplified, daytime predictions chart for
May 2018 Tidal Bore Schedule (pdf) 
MANTUA (MB), from the bridge over the Herbert River. 

                                         Tidal bore photo from Truro viewing site July 23, 2017  

Also note: to calculate an approximate tidal bore time at
* the bridge over Kennetcook River, North of SCOTCH VILLAGE: add about 20 minutes to MB
South Maitland  at Gosse bridge crossing the Shubenacadie R.: add about 25 minutes to MB
Truro former Pallisar site (near highway 102 exit #14: add about 1h 25 min to MB time
Please Note: if you need a prediction out side of the posted schedules above, read the notes below, or contact Sherm (Sherman Williams).

                                New  Tidal bore photo from Truro viewing site July 23, 2017                 Homepage

Other Tidal Bore photos

A tidal bore happens approximately 2 times each day, in step with the twice daily tidal cycles. It is the leading front of the new incoming tide pushing up-river from the Minas Basin. When the tidal pulse arrives, it is moving a large volume of water causing the slower, downstream current, to abruptly reverse, sending water rushing vigorously up-stream. Water next to the stream bottom is slowed by the resistance it encounters, water toward the surface experiences less resistance, and freely builds upward, in an attempt to rush ahead of the water below, producing a forward-tumbling wave crest, the tidal bore.   

Viewing Locations
Tidal View Farm (TVF) at Poplar Grove - Miller Creek,  No longer available as a viewing site.
Mantua Bridge (MB) site on Avondale Rd going to Mantua  (GPS 44* 59’ 40” N, 64* 02’ 19.5” W), just off Route 14, both are near Windsor, Hants County, N.S. Take exit 5 off Highway 101 (to Truro), drive about 6 km. Near Tidal Bore Farm Market, turn northwest on Avondale Road.  Also, a site on the Kennetcook River about 1 hour later than Tidal View Farm OR about 20 minutes after the bore at Mantua bridge. It can be seen from the bridge, north of Scotch Village, off highway #236, (GPS 45* 03’ 47.5” N, 64* 00’ 17.7” W). It is approximately a 12-minute drive northeast from Mantua Bridge to the community of Scotch Village.  In the village, look for the sign, North River Road, turn north.  Just beyond the rise is the bridge.
Please note: these predictions are made available through a volunteered effort. The schedule is based on tide predicting software and a number of actual observations made at regular intervals.  A good effort is made to see that the schedule is as free from errors as possible, and will provide a reliable guide.