Simply Red Adventures Online by Dean Martin

Simply Red Adventures Online

by Dean Martin (Simply Red)

(New)Updated March 27,2013

Some of my pictures will be on display at Maison Vale Hospice in Greater Sudbury this may/June, so if you would like to see some of my prints, they will be available at any time during those 2 month. You can also check out this beautiful Hospice and the work they do for our loved ones. My mom passed away there this past fall and they were above and beyond with the care they gave her.

Passed my 1000'th Geocache the past year in Mexico, going back next week.

Check out my latest added video McConnell Fire Tower Geocache I finally got it finished and will now be able to update more often

Check out my Memories From Maple Mountain Video for a truly ultimate cache. It's now in one full video, much easier to watch.

Check out my latest Geocache, the first Chirp activated in Northern Ontario. GC2KHV1 Greetings

Great , you found it.
This is my web pages, full off pics, video's and adventures.
I am an outdoors enthusiast with a love for nature. Going out and just enjoying the beauty life has to offer, there is so much around us, but most don't stop and enjoy. I do. This world we call home has all the things man needs to be happy, so escape the hectic pace and relax and enjoy.

About Me
I like offroading, hunting, fishing, photography and for the last 5 years, Geocaching. These activities have taken me to many amazing places, many right here in Ontario where I've been living for the last 20 years. I have been documenting some of these journeys which will be shared here. Like going to Ishapatina Ridge, Ontario's highest elevation. Maple Mountain, Lion's Head Lookout and many old fire towers in Ontario. See my 4000 + pictures and 480 videos.
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More Stories to come like Shannon Falls and Squamish, Chipmunk Caves, Lion's Head, and The Eternal Flame. (Work's in Progress)

Adventure Stories

Check out Marion Lake - A quest For A FTF A beautiful waterfalls and a First To Find Cache.

Check out my My Road To Ishpatina story.

Check out my Memories Of Maple Mountain story.

Check out my Ode To Obabika story.

Check out my Fraser Hill Fishing Cache story.

Check out my The Air Is Thin Up Here story.

Check out Cheltonham Badlands page. This incredible landscape is just 40kms from Toronto

Check out my Awesome Locations page. Videos to Old Fire Tower locations views to the Grand Canyon view.


Check out my many caching videos on Youtube Simply Red 4x4's Channel
Views from some of the best caches I've done, also lots of offroading and wildlife videos

(New) Check out my latest added video McConnell Fire Tower Geocache I finally got it finished and will now be able to update more often

Check out my Simply Red Adventures - A Reason To Cache It's why I love caching, the great locations caching takes me to

Check out my Memories From Maple Mountain Video for a truly ultimate cache. It's now in one full video, much easier to watch.

Check out my Ode To Obabika - Quest for A FTF Video for another truly ultimate FTF cache. It's 6 parts, so follow them in order.

Check out my Quest For A FTF - Courtney's Cache We quaded in the rain for this FTF.

Check out my Helpful Hints - GPS Mounting A little video I put together to show how I use the ram mounts to mount my GPS in vehicle, quad, boat, canoe, kayak and bicycle.


Here's a Pic of the Nelson Loop we do, makes for a great 4x4 or quad ride and can get many of my caches.

Check out my Wheeled Portager Home made way to get your canoe/kayak to the water.

Outside Links

Check out this blog ABSOLUTELY NARCISSISM! Ever wonder what it would be like if the entire world revolved around you? Wonder no more, it's time to be proactive about your narcissism!...well, MINE actually!

Check out this site Ontario Fire Towers


Simply Red
Simply Red was the name I gave my Nissan 4X4 back in 1988. It's taken me to many places and what started me into the outdoors. Check out some old video's when Simply Red was still looking good. You can see loads more on my Youtube channel as well as many other videos. From wildlife to GeoCache locations, to boating, kayaking quading and much more.

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1. Entrance To Lake Nippissing, 2. Green Reflections, 3. Across The Lake, 4. Still Too Deep, 5. Snowed Bench, 6. The Corral, 7. Old Barn, 8. Dec 6 Sunrise, 9. Cold Air, 10. Snowy Creek, 11. Reflections (HDR)

Some of my most amazing caches are one's not found very often, cacher's don't know what they are missing. Check out my bookmarks "My Favorites" for caches that would truly satisfy your caching needs.

My Cache Stats as of 27/03/2013 (Generated by CacheStats 3.0. Get your own stats at

Cache Finds
Total Found: 1005 (# found/attended logs) Find Rate: 0.421 per day (2.9 per week, 153 per year)
Caches: 1008 (# unique caches visited) Avg. difficulty / terrain: 1.78 / 1.90
# Archived: 299 (29%) FTFs: 0
Avg. in 1 day: 3.7 Oldest Cache: Northern Lights (GC6E9 placed 15/04/2001), Oldest Active: Nelson Lake (placed 09/06/2001)
Most in 1 day: 22 (13/04/2011) Most in 1 month: 113 (7/2010)

Days Cached
Total days cached: 271 (every 8.8 days or 11.3%) Most consecutive days with a find: 9 (24/07/2010 - 01/08/2010)
Most in 1 month: 18 (7/2010) Most consecutive days without a find: 189 (04/11/2007 - 10/05/2008)

Year Total Found Rate Days Cached / Frequency
2006760.66725 / every 4.6 days
20072710.74266 / every 5.5 days
2008820.22532 / every 11.4 days
2009880.24131 / every 11.8 days
20103250.89070 / every 5.2 days
20111100.30134 / every 10.7 days
2012530.14513 / every 28.1 days
201300.0000 / NA

Number  Date Cache # Days between
#10012/03/2007Fern Grotto Cache184
#20023/05/2007Le trésor d'Annick72
#30029/08/2007St. John98
#40014/08/2008Eye of the Dead Horse351
#50006/09/2009In The Rocks388
#70001/08/2010The Chief's Nook24
#80010/10/2010Le Bel Cache a-go-go70
#100012/05/2012Adapting to Erosion in Mexico374

US States (3): MI (7), NV (7), NY (6)
Canadian Provinces (3): Ontario (940), British Columbia (39), Quebec (1)
Other States (1): Quintana Roo (2)
Countries (3): Canada (980), United States (20), Mexico (5)

(map from

(map from

(map from


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