The Air Is Thin Up Here

Wow, what a great day we had today. We (my son kodiak cacher and I) got up early, loaded the quads on the trailer, packed a lunch and headed for this cache. We left from home (Val Caron) and travelled just over 200kms. I spotted a bear up a tree along 144. Turned around and caught some pics. Then back on the road to the cache, stopped at the watershed to let my son get the virtual (I already did it before) and the dogs stretch their legs. There's a huge tree, more pics. Then headed up the highway. Unloaded the quads just off 144 and quaded to the cache. We were able to go right to it with the quads. What an amazing view. I don't think I've ever stood on a mountain and was able to see so far. We found the cache, had lunch and took many more pics. The weather was great, slightly cool with a breeze, help keep the blackflies at bay. We then headed back to one of the lakes we passed on the way in (I wanted to fish a little bit). Max chased a ruffed grouse from the shoreline. My first cast was followed by a pike. About 15 cast and a change of lures, he was on my line. He put up a nice fight, but we landed him and put him in the quad. We then went back to the van, loaded up the quads and headed for another cache just up the highway. After finding that cache, we headed for home. On the way home we spotted a moose, he was gone before I could get any pics. Then we saw another bear, we got pics of him. Stopped and grab another cache and grabbed some pics at Onaping Falls. All in all, it was fantastic day, and we had a fantastic supper, Fresh fish and chips. Thanks for the cache, it made our day an adventure.

Dean (Simply Red)
Max & Mishu (our 2 dogs)

Also special thanks to priceboy, I found about this cache from his bookmarks.

The Return
Was quadding with friends and family out in Westree, decided to show them what caching is about, so we went to this cache. There down from Kentucky, USA. They, as I, totally loved the spot. We stayed up there and took in the sights and had a nice break and snacks. We quadded almost 200km that day. They'll definitely be looking into caching when they get back to a place with internet. What a great cache to show them what it's all about.
Dean (Simply Red)
Patrick (Kodiak Cacher)

A Night At The Top
Came back here to spend a night on top. Drove my Nissan Cachefinder right to the top. Spent a night, watched an amazing sunset, then saw a zillion stars. The morning sunrise wasn't as great but it was an awesome way to spend some time. Put some duct tape on the lid of the cache over the cracks. Had a great night.
Dean (Simply Red)
Max & Mishu (my 2 dogs)

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