Cheltonham Badlands

Just 40kms from Toronto

Wow, from the first time I saw a picture of someone else's log on, I knew I wanted to come and see this. Finally got to do it. We dedicated our 2 day trip to come here and to make it KodiakCacher 250th. This place was even more impressive being here. The colors and shapes are awesome. These mounds are so durable as it last the stress of time. Walked around but some of the trails are closed off. We were here early and had the whole place to ourselves for over an hour. Totally enjoyed the visit and the 500 kms plus we traveled to get here were more than worth it. Thanks for the awesome earthcache. Dean (Simply Red) Max & Mishu (our 2 dogs)

The Return
(I returned with my wife, sister and brother in law)
On our way to NASCAR, picked up my sister and brother in law (from Vancouver, B.C.) at Toronto's airport, and stopped to show them the badlands. Took some pictures and on our way.

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