Fraser Hill Fishing Cache

Wow, totally amazing, this is exactly what geocaching is all about. We had a great scenic boat ride (launched at HWY6), awesome hike up the mountain (trail is excellent), and one of the most beautiful views ever. I loved this cache, and to top it off, it even got better, we got to see 2 Bald Eagles, and then we caught a bunch of Lake Trout fishing. Wasn't sure how the hike would be so we decided to leave our lunch in the boat. When we got to the top, I wished we would've brought our lunch, it was the perfect place to relax. We took loads of pics, wandered all around, and the dogs really enjoyed the outing. Met a nice older couple almost at the top, they were coming back down. The forest on the way up is awesome, the trees are tall. I can't believe this one isn't frequented more. I'll definitely be adding this to my Favorites in my bookmarks. We were gonna go get another cache in the area, but the fishing was great and we figured we'll come back again for the other one, we have a reason too. LOL. In all my excitement, I left the item I was gonna take from the cache, along with the item I did leave. I will be back here, probably show others also, cause this was truly an amazing day. TFTC
Dean (Simply Red)
Max & Mishu (our 2 dogs)

The Return)
(I returned with my wife, step daughter and her boyfriend)
Well I enjoyed this cache so much, I had to come back. Brought my wife, daughter and her boyfriend and the dogs. It was a beautiful day, we came in from HWY 6, boated to the co-ordinates and hiked up the mountain. Saw an eagle and some deer on the way. We spent about an hour and a half up there, then went back to the beach at the beginning of Baie Fine, had lunch. Then we went out for some Lake Trout. We caught 3. All in all it was a great day.Great memories.
Dean (Simply Red)
Mel & Kevin
Max & Mishu (our 2 dogs)

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