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Lawrencetown Slope Soaring

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Last Modified Sept 3, 2008, new vids and pics.


Slope soaring the Star Trek Starship Enterprise Glider:

This is my video of my homemade scratch-built model that I designed, but I am mystified as to how so many people on the web are mistaking it for the mattel powered model coming out in 2009. I haven't heard of any other R/C Enterprise gliders. (go to the enterprise video at youtube.)

embedded enterprise video from youtube:

Unplanned and caught on camera! Note that it was hindered by the high start stretched tight in the right hand, and generally by wearing mittens. Porters Lake Fun Fly, 2003:

nice.avi, 139 KB. (Unplanned and caught on camera...)

Online Storage Pics: flying pics aug 2008 mark jessop

- steve slinging.
- MJ novice 1st lesson.
- trevor in paraglider catching the zagi.
- enterprise + eagle.


(Thumbnails - click on the small image to get the big image. Most images have been cropped, reduced in size or decreased in quality from the originals.)

Flying Pics - various photos in and around and about slope soaring at Lawrencetown, near Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada.

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The hardcore slopers: (left to right) Mark Cunningham, Mark Jessop, Steve Ryan, John O'Sullivan, Vic Ruzgys.

The Behemoth (formerly the Minimax 1750).

The Behemoth in flight over the field.


Looking east towards Lawrencetown Beach from the eastern bluff.

Our regular flying spot at the the bluff in Lawrencetown, east of Halifax.

Looking west from the bluff.

East view from the bluff.

Vic and his foam Hurricane.


Hurricane launch.

Vic's Hurricane over MacDonald House.

Vic's Ridge Surfer.

N/A - coming soon.

Vic's P-51B.

N/A - coming soon.

Mark Jessop's P-51B.

Steve's P-51B Mustang under construction.

Steve's foam and glass desert camo RAF P-51B Mustang.

SR-7 and Steve.

Steve's planes.

Steve Bob Martin Coyote and SR-7.

Steve's self-portrait.

The finer points.

More fine points.

Mark Jessop and his SIG Ninja.

Mark Jessop's tiny Tiger Moth sails off into the sunset.

Modified VR/CGI Thunderbird 2 in the FMS simulator.

The "real" thing, and start of construction.

Totally modular, dude.




Finished foam and glass Thunderbird 2 slope soaring glider.

Observation windows, VTOL thrusters, lighting strip, and wheels.


Hardy souls at the first of two fun flys, Porters Lake, 2003.


Flying Pics June 18-19, 2003, and some more pics will be available here:

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