Saint Agnes Parish Web Page Committee

The St. Agnes Parish Web Page Committee was formed in the Fall of 2000 to create the parish web pages that you have been viewing. The members of the Committee are Mary Jane MacNeil, Ron Tetreault, Les Howie and Michael Donovan . Please feel free to e-mail any of the committee members by clicking on our names.

This web site is very much a work in progress and your comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome. We are also on the look out for other parishioners with computer skills who are interested in joining in the work of the Web Page Committee.

If you are a member of another parish committee or group and you would like to add a link or a page to the parish web site to describe your group's mandate and activities please contact a member of the Web Page Committee. The more groups who are linked to our web site the better it will be in reflecting the full range of parish life. Don't worry if your group is not strong on computer skills.  The members of the Web Page Committee would be pleased to help transform your information into a form that can be added to the parish pages.