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                My owner/rider Crystal & me            Charlotte  ( Nonchalant )                

Breed - Trakehner / Quarter horse, - 6 Yr. old Mare

       Canadian Trakehner  Brand  

History and Origin of the Breed 

     The Trakehner is known for its friendly temperament, intelligence and athletic ability. 


It is one of Germany's oldest warmblood breeds. King Frederick Wilhelm I of Prussia wanting his soldiers to have reliable transportation that was faster, sounder and more enduring than that of his contemporaries established the breed in 1732. For that purpose he opened a royal stud farm at Trakehner in East Prussia. He used small native mares, called Schwaike, and crossed them with Thoroughbreds from England and with purebred Arabians. Throughout the years, the king's stud directors tried various other breeds but soon limited themselves to the Thoroughbred and the Arabian. 




    We are members of the Colchester branch of The Canadian  Pony Club                    



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