Xpilot Maps

Here are some maps I like to play on:
The standard "Xpilot-Tournament Map (Blood's Music)" with 2 teams, 4 bases per team, and no items. This is the classic xpilot map.

If you don't find 8 bases hectic enough, try 10 for some really chaotic, fast-paced, suiciding fun. Best played when drunk.

I hear they play this one in Australia. Warning: Do not play when drunk. If dizziness and headaches occur, discontinue use immediately.

The most popular wussy map.

A training map for polishing your dodging skills. Take turns with all players but one on one team, the "shooter" on the other. The "shooter" shoots, and the other team tries to dodge his bullets without shooting back. The object is to be the last person to die. Takes concentration! Variation: the "shooter" becomes a "suicider" and tries to ram his opponents. Here, the object is to retain as many lives as you can by the time the suicider runs out of lives.