Fishy's Xpilot Packages for Debian

Since Xpilot 4.3.1, when I inherited the package from the previous maintainer, Matt Kern, I have been the official maintainer for Debian's Xpilot packages. We are now at 4.4.1 in both Debian "sid" (unstable) and "woody" (testing). Since "sid" is constantly in flux and therefore is never released, and "woody" is still some months from being released, this means that in order to use my packages, you need to install a "bleeding edge" Debian system. However, with the crusty old Debian "potato" 2.2r3 still containing quite a number of older versions of everything, not just Xpilot, it is an option many people are going with these days anyway.

I don't have a proper page for my work yet, but you will find test versions at an apt-gettable archive here:

deb /
deb-src /

As of Aug 2, 2001, the versions here are the same as those in the official testing and unstable releases (i.e. 4.4.1final-2). The official client and server packages can always be found here for all releases (including "stable" which still has Matt's old 4.1.0-4.U.4alpha2.3 packages):