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Duo Together
Perfect for the person who wants to say they made it themselves but needs some assistance.

Gives you full access to ALL the Pinnovation dies (not available for regular studio CROP use) plus all other dies and tools in the studio so you can create your perfect stationery needs. We will work on design here using Microsoft word and the pinnovation templates (you can download from AccucutCraft) or Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Then, after printing,we will cut out in the desired shape. Assembly can be done here or you can take home to complete at your leisure.

You can make mutiple visits to the studio, as necessary, as long as for the same order, at no additional cost.

* Order must all be related to same event, stationery for another event counts as another order.

*Requires a one time waiver to be filled out

$30.00/ each 50 invites
Plus materials
Does not include printing here.

Printing fee of black and white $.10/copy/side
Color $.25/copy/side

Printing fee is for per page, as some invites can be mutiple on a page.
Heavy or full coverage printing is extra.

Additional items at additiona cost.

Samples Coming soon!
*Pricing subject to change without notice

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