Wanderweg Leos

Leonbergers are exceptional companion dogs but they are not for everyone. They are very large in size and have full coats that continually shed fur throughout your home. Leonbergers also love to dig in gardens and to jump up on you to say hi! Leo are typically a well suited breed for busy families that have the time to care for a young puppy. Leonbergers are truly an amazing breed of dog.

We have a blog for our kennel, click here to visit the blog to learn more about our dogs and puppies.  Our blog is where we post pictures of our current litters and Leonberger dogs. On our blog you can watch some of our past and our current litters grow. 

Our kennel has Leonberger puppies available occasionally to loving homes. We are always looking for wonderful homes for our puppies so if you are interested in one of our special puppies please contact us via email so we can get to know you and to start the adoption process.

At Wanderweg Kennel we strive to place our puppies in wonderful homes where every puppy will be a full member of their new family. Our puppies are raised in our house to live in your house. Our puppies are well socialized, well handled and given lots of love. Leonbergers are very social dogs and as such they love to be with their families doing everything with them. Leonbergers need a lot of time and socialization as puppies to grow up to be happy and healthy dogs.