About Whittle Works

Whittle Works use locally sourced natural fieldstone, granite and specialty imported stone to construct rustic, yet modern, exterior dry stone structures, such as:

·         Raised Gardens

·         Walls

·         Pathways

·         Fire Pits

·         Benches

·         Steps 

We will customize any design based on your personal tastes and needs. We will work with you to create a colourful, seamless transition from your indoor space to your new outdoor oasis.

Whittle Works is a fresh, growing business owned and operated by Christopher Whittle. Christopher is a skilled craftsman and innovative exterior designer with many years of experience in re-vitalizing outdoor spaces. Christopher graduated from the Interior Decorating Program at Eastern College in 2005. Then, he decided to take his technical training and natural eye for colour, space and style into the great outdoors where he is truly in his element. Driven by a passion for the outdoors accompanied by his decorating/design education and experience with dry stone construction, Christopher founded Whittle Works in 2010. It's amazing what you can create with a pile of rocks!
Future landscaping trends show an increased interest in sustainable "green" gardening. No matter your current outdoor situation, whether large, small, rocky, soggy, hilly or just plain flat! Whittle Works can design a "garden skeleton" for you and your favourite planting materials. Or we could plant a garden for you that will give your outdoor space continuous color from early spring to late fall.
Whittle Works also does restoration work on older structures you may have currently existing on your property.