Whittle Works

Natural Fieldstone Designs

Whittle Works Natural Fieldstone Designs incorporate old world design elements into contemporary urban landscapes. Our designs utilize a dry stone technique that allows for easy customization to transform your yard into an outdoor experience. Dry stone has a technical strength and aesthetic beauty that adds style to any garden. Ruggedly handsome, yet practical, Whittle Works designs blur the boundaries between natural beauty and planned style. Built using skilled placement and gravity to hold any structure together without cement or mortar, our construction projects are reliable and non-invasive. Our structures retain their strength and durability to ensure that your yard will look fantastic year round. Be the first in your neighbourhood to add a custom-designed Fieldstone Garden by Whittle Works.

Whittle Works designs and constructs raised gardens, walls, fire pits, pathways, stairs and benches using a building technique called `dry stone`. This technique uses no mortar between the stones to hold them together, or apart depending how you see it. We use locally and naturally sourced fieldstone, granite and specialty imported stone to construct our creations, making an eco-friendly product. These structures are self sustaining, naturally draining, and low maintenance additions to any outdoor space. We like to think of them as extensions of Mother Nature’s work...what she didn`t have time to complete! These one of a kind creations are perfect for our East Coast climates, allowing for continuous freeze and thaw. But if for any reason a rock should move, Whittle Works warranties our work. Our custom designs are based on existing home color schemes, property slope, physical limitations and specific uses.

Future landscaping trends show an increase in sustainable gardening with a purpose and Whittle Works is excited to be part of this trend! So whether you use your outdoor spaces for entertaining, growing your own veggies and herbs or simply for aesthetic purposes, Whittle Works Natural Fieldstone Designs will make your neighbours’ green with envy!