Wilsonia Golden Truffles

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Wilsonia Golden Truffles

Wilsonia Golden Truffles, located in the Annapolis Valley, near Bridgetown Nova Scotia, Canada, growing English oak and Hazel nut seedlings from bud mite and filbert blight immune stock, inoculated with spores from Burgundy truffle(Tuber uncinatum)and Alba(Tuber megnatum).

Product Availability

Taking orders now for limited number of Burgundy Truffle(Tuber uncinatum), inoculated year old English oak(Quercus robur),ready for shipping in April of 2014.
Per tree $50.00, 5-10 trees $45.00 each, Ten or more trees $35.00 each plus shipping.

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Other Products not yet Available

  1. Hazel nut, English oak Truffle trees(Alba(T. Magnatum),Burgundy(T. Uncinatum))available April 2015
  2. Perigord(T.melanosporum)pre order basis(September 2014)available April 2015
  3. Truffle dogs

Wilsonia Kennel information

Wilsonia Golden retrievers, family dogs that excel in field, show or obedience!