Wilsonia kennel and Wilsonia Goldens- Family dogs that excel in Field Show or Obedience.

Wilsonia Kennel welcomes you to Golden News!

Wilsonia kennels golden champions Christmas eve, Lady Ann-----------Lady Crystal

Golden retriever pictures for Golden news from Wilsonia kennel home of Field trial champion and Champion Lady Bess, click pictures to double size

Golden news Published semi whenever. The first issue of news to contain the following
Editor's Notes

Definition:Editor:- One who can take a real good story and ruin it.

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To Atlantic Dog Breeders group e-mail com- See what is happening in the Maritime's

Missy puppies at 5 weeksTo Golden retriever puppies now available at Wilsonia Kennel

Rozz puppies at 3 weeksVideo of Golden retriever puppies at Wilsonia Kennel

Niece, Shelby and HuntressTo Home Page Wilsonia Farm kennel, (Goldens)

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