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(click for video of puppies three weeks. Needs windows media player)When is my new owner coming

Sire: NC Wilsonia Golden RocketNC Wilsonia Golden Rocket 18 months

(please read)WARNING: All Collars, Halters and Harnesses are Dangerous!!!!

Hello again Mr. Wilson,
My husband and I are looking to purchase our first purebred dog.
We are looking for a pet only and intend to have whatever
pup we get spayed or neutered as soon as it is safe for the animal.
We have no intention of ever showing or breeding the dog
I was wondering about the co-ownership clause in the pet agreement.
I can understand why you would want to retain co-ownership of an
intact animal, but as first time owners, we're curious why co-ownership
is a part of the contract if the buyers intend to spay or neuter the dog.

Hi Danielle,
When the puppies leave here they are intact and could be used to
breed. The co-ownership clause is to keep the puppy from
ending up in a puppy mill. Once the puppy is neutered or spayed the
co-ownership clause no longer applies as the parts of the dog that
I own are no longer there.
John Wilson

Puppies come,non-breedingThe puppy comes insured, inoculated, dewormed and vet checked, a proper leash and chain collar plus the training pamphlet

"Your Dog A Friend for Life"Your Dog a Friend for life

What Wilsonia owners have to say!

NC Wilsonia Golden Rosebud

Letter of proposed further abuse of a Canadian Citizen By CKC et al.Letter of proposed abuse of a Canadian citizen by CKC et al. Response to the Abuse of a Canadian Citizen by CKC et al. Response to the abuse of a Canadian citizen by CKC et al.

FT Ch Ch Wilsonia's Lady Bess

FT Ch Ch Wilsonia's Lady Bess(Canada's First dual Champion Golden Bitch)

The first dual champion Golden bitch in Canadian history, the first of only a very few.

Wow! They brought in their big guns from the US of A. M. Billings, a speciality judge or so they say. The dog she put up was well strung up, with his eyes squeezed shut, a choice between both male dogs being gay, not in a sexual way, but in the tail, in a structural way. And for reserve she put up a junior pup over the young male, Trooper, that would score 200 out of 200 by the standard you see.

Wow! This is what the best judges are like in the USA. She must have gotten her training in Canada you say! Bloody disgraceful you say!

They say you can get more flies with honey than you do vinegar. Well who wants flies anyway, next they will want you to take fire ants. Oh! pass the vinegar please!
Make all payments, deposits etc. out to Alexander J. Wilson
Send to: John Wilson, R. R. # 4, Bridgetown, NS, B0S 1C0 Cost for a golden varies.
To reserve a puppy there is a $100.00 deposit that will be deducted from the price of the pup.
For the females At 6 - 7 weeks, de wormed, partial house training, socialization started,non-breeding,(double click to see form), for a total cost of $797.00 Cdn plus hst(pick up at the kennel).
Shipping begins at eight weeks and charges are $850.00 plus shipping , taxes, registration and transfer.
At ten weeks with basic training $1050.00 plus the additional charges.
10 months to one year $1550 plus the addition charges.
This dog has basic field training.
At two years breeders rights with medical documentation can be purchased for a sum of $3000.00.
All prices in Canadian currency.

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